Silent Screams


How one woman transformed her life…
and found her soul.

Christa Jan Ryan’s Award-winning best seller book, Silent Screams from the Hamptons, is an uncompromising raw account of tribulation and transformation. With the unfortunate temperature of today’s culture, the subjects of domestic abuse, addiction, and family are all too often a numbing ingredient. Ryan has managed to encompass all of these elements in her book with a refreshing, humorous and at times foreboding point of view. Her debut book, has all the facets of a soap opera set amongst a true to life environment. Celebrity outbursts, socialite shenanigans, and millions of dollars exchanging hands. Silent Screams from the Hamptons offers the reader one wild ride to ‘experience’ what working in a close knit lavishly posh community can be like. Not only does Ryan expose her short comings and her redemption- she provides the reader with a “fly on the wall” account of what really goes on behind the close doors of the rich and famous.



Shocking, emotional, and extremely moving!
Silent Screams from the Hamptons was an excellent read, and I highly recommend it to other women. The author’s story is shocking, emotional, and extremely moving. This book had brought tears to my eyes, but also a greater awareness of what women are experiencing everyday. I have shared it with a neighbor and she had purchased it also. She too thought it was very moving.
~Desiree, Pittsfield,MA

What a Life Story!
Can a seven year old recover from alcoholism, drugs and sexual abuse? Can they still be sane and recover as adults? Read SILENT SCREAMS and you will see that YES! it is possible. Christa Jan Ryan has written a totally raw memoir of her life. It is compelling, incredible and amazing that this woman is as strong and loving as she is. I know her personally, she is forgiving, loves life and attacks it like a human bulldozer. BRAVA! To this courageous and inspiring woman.
~Nadia Sahari, Bestselling Author of Breakaway, How I Survived Abuse

I could not put this down!
This book kept me intrigued until the very end. I can see how this story could inspire anyone who has suffered a life of abuse. She shows how to overcome adversity and a history of abuse. So many people could benefit from reading this book.
~K Decker

Raw Honesty
Silent Screams makes us realize that no one is immune to abuse. Christa sheds light on abuse from a different lens rarely written about. Furthermore, her raw honesty draws you into her story. Christa participated in my Off-Broadway production of The Vagina Monologues and she was an inspiration to the audience and other performers. She generously donated her book and other items to help us raise money for V day. This was impressive and inspirational to me that despite her hardships, she still wanted to reach out to others. After meeting Christa, I was struck by her generous spirit and her desire to educate everyone on how to break the cycle of abuse. I know that Christa’s story will encourage more victims of all backgrounds to have the courage to break free from their abuse.
Dr. Moss-Bouldin, director of The Vagina Monologues, New World Stages, NYC

I Could Not Stop Reading This …”
Christa Jan Ryan is a woman who has picked herself up and prevailed forward in the most positive way. I absolutely could not stop reading this book. I had to know if she was able to fight her demons and win the battle. This book will give readers inspiration, hope and a drive to succeed. As I read how she turned soil in her hands and created the most beautiful art work for the rich and famous, I thought about her being a work horse and not shying away from labor. It became a labor of love for her even though her personal life was in total chaos. Christa never gave up and needed to prosper not only in money but in life. She turned her life around and is living a healthy life now. She is giving back and on the road teaching women how to take adversity and become independent and happy.
By Connie E. CURRY “Author of Give Me Back My Glory” (Ohio)

Profoundly Moving!”
Christa Jan Ryan’s book cuts right to the heart of abuse. A perceptive and heart-wrenching story that could shed a light on the sources of our own abuse and how to work through it. I know it did for me. Profoundly moving and an amazingly quick read, this book is a life-changing work in more ways than one and can provide hope and guidance to those who are lost. This is a story that needs to be told.
By Autumn J. Clark “autumn” (NY, NY)

You Will Laugh and Cry!”
A must read for everyone, there are moments where you will laugh and cry. Christa’s journey gives inspiration to those who have endured any kind of abuse along the way. This is a powerful story of ending generational abuse and embracing self love. I highly recommend this book and I am looking forward to reading her next book!
By Ebony Black (Houston,TX)

A Beacon of Hope!”
Christa Jan Ryan has captured the intense turmoil that is ever present in the lives of addictive families. She poignantly depicts the insanity, the denial, and the warped relationships that exist and thrive in this environment. She speaks from her heart in this painful memoir, with the honesty and clarity of a recovering addict. This book is a beacon of hope for women in abusive and/or addictive relationships, families, situations, etc. It speaks to the struggle necessary for change, the fears that must be faced, and the courage necessary for survival. I look forward to a possible sequel, displaying continued success in Christa’s endeavors. She offers hope to all who seek it and need it.
By Kathy Blockinger (Philadelphia, PA USA)

A Great Story of One Person’s Triumph”
Silent Screams from The Hamptons is an honest and touching personal story about a woman who grows up in a family struggling with dysfunction and alcoholism and finds herself caught in the same cycle as an adult. This autobiography gives an honest, and sometimes humorous account of how the author found herself “stuck” in an abusive relationship with an alcohol addiction as the common thread between them.

She takes us on her journey of becoming an alcholic and how she was finally successful in her recovery. This is an inspiring story and quick read. I recommend it to anyone interested in gaining insight into the world of addiction and domestic violence, or just interested in reading a great story of one person’s triumph over life’s difficult challenges.
By G. Rutolo (Haddon Heights, NJ)