From the Depth of this Woman’s Soul • buy now
A concise and powerful journey through the healing process that Ryan struggled with after the death of her daughter.   Rather than offer solutions, she takes the readers to the depths of her pain and slowly raises them to the beginning stages of her long and slow recovery. Compassion and honesty infuse each page with comfort for those who have endured similar tragedy. She empowers survivors to make peace with their emotions so that they can take the necessary time and actions they feel are beat in order to mend their hearts and rebuild relationships.

Silent Screams From the Hamptonsbuy now
Award Winning Best Seller!  “No matter how big the diamond or how lovely the new clothes, materialism could not fill the emptiness that so many people experienced. This was the loud lament that echoed throughout the Hamptons. Wealth and arrogance allowed people to show a false sense of happiness, but a huge void lay underneath it all.” (from chapter 12)

Play/Musical ‘Good God! Why?’

Adapted from her Best Seller Silent Screams based on the music of 3 Extrodinary Singer/Songwriters • buy now


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