The Shows: (see schedule)

MAC News (Minerva Arts Center) ~

It started out as a venture to do service and has since turned into the development of building an Art Center for the Northern Region of the  Berkshires. ‘MAC News’ focuses on the local talent and workshops an productions of Minerva Art Center.

Artists in the Berkshires ~

Artists whose vision has made an impact in the Art World.

While building the foundation of the center through a store ‘Macs Treasures’ with her husband, so many artists found their way out of curiosity to see what we were all about. It then became a concept to bring to TV the Artists that Berkshires have been so generously blessed with. Hence ‘Artists in the Berkshires’ was born, bringing to the airways such rich and talented artists of all media. Christa has expanded her talents by having her husband join her with doing off-sight location filming,where she can bring to the viewer what is truly happening locally and regionally at some amazing locations.

Recovery From Religion~

Learn to live in the acceptance of our losses to learn how to heal; to become whole again.

After being in the Recovery Arena for over 16 years, Christa became itchy to do a recovery show of some kind. After many months of prayer, God directed her to do a Recovery show of why people, mainly Christians, need to recover from their idea of who and what God is.

The Church is broken and so are its people.

She covers hard and deep topics that are affecting the ‘Body of Christ:’

  • Sexual Abuse,
  • Addiction,
  • Alcoholism in the Family,
  • Abortion,
  • Pornography,
  • Codependency
  • low self esteem & self worth

and brings on speakers who reveal that its the behaviors from that stem from these topics are continuing to drive believers out and away from the churches and driving non-believers further from Jesus Christ. So much of the legalism and religiousity that the church clings to are driving people away from an intimate and close relationship from Jesus Christ and God. She has had speakers from all over the country come on her show and 2 of her shows were launched nationally.  She offers the solution and repeatedly shows the answer of where and  how this can be changed. This has been a subject near and dear to her heart. To share the love of Christ and to help bring Christians and non-believers back to a personal and intimate relationship with the original Blueprint of what God had in mind for his people.