TV Schedule


Artists in the Berkshires ~

All shows on Channel 15, 16, 17 In the Berkshires

NBCTC: Northern Berkshires Sunday at Noon

PCTV: Pittsfield Saturday 1:30pm

CTSB:  South County Monday 9pm,Wednesday 2:30pm, Sat 10am

Willienet: Northern Berkshires Sunday 2pm, Monday 6am, Thursday 1:00pm, Friday 8pm


MAC NEWS (Minerva Arts Center) ~

NBCTC: Tuesday 8pm

Willienet: Monday 1:30pm, Friday 10:30am, Saturday 2:30pm

PCTV: Saturday 9:30pm

CTSB: Tuesday 9pm, Thursday 1pm, Sat 10:30pm


Recovery from Religion ~

NBCTC: Sunday 9pm

Willienet: Tuesday 3:30pm, Sunday 6:30am & 10:30am

PCTV: Sunday 4am, 2pm, 8:30pm

CTSB: Sunday 11:28am, Monday 3:30pm, Friday 11:30pm


Cat TV in Vermont:

Recovery from Religion: CH 15

M – 9pm
T – 3pm
W – 9am
Th – 7pm
F – 6pm
Sat – 12pm
Sun – 4pm

Artists in the Berkshires: CH 16

M – 12pm
T – 9am
W – 11pm
Th – 12pm
F – 9pm
Sat – 10am
Sun – 2pm