May 092014

MAC NEWS (Minerva Arts Center)

Doing TV was such an unplanned endeavor. What has been so interesting to me is to watch the evolving process of where its taking me: with working in the community,meeting such talented wonderful people, and providing an amazing service, and last but not least and most important: working with my husband in a completely new and uncharted territory in our relationship. My husband handles all the filming of off-sight location, which I have to add has really opened up another dimension to doing TV. Providing the Viewer with the real deal of performance at the location of origin. Being a history buff, I like to write about how it all happened.

We met Kathy O’mara who founded Minerva Stage at a divine appointment and fell in love with what she was doing for the Community. Offering performances and workshops for not only the young adults but the older adults too! Something the Northern Berkshires was desperately needing. We encouraged her to allow us to build up her now famous store ‘MACS TREASURES’ to raise money for her Art Center,defray the cost of her productions and offer a wonderful opportunity for the community to work together: donating their overflow to sell to the needs in the community and support her Center. After 3 years,its been a win win situation. One of the things my husband and I noticed right away that there was no solid promotion of her work or letting the community know of what she was doing. So I was somehow steered to contacting NBCTV,and asked if they were open to doing a show about the Center. Viola…..a marriage made in heaven. Working with NBCTC was like a dream I had never dreamed. Their encouragement was so inspiring! And so it began.

Artists in the Berkshires ~ brings you artists whose vision has made an impact in the art world.

It wasn’t long after starting the MAC NEWS…..4 months I believe, that the idea of doing a 2nd show crossed my mind. While working at the Store MAC TREASURES, there were an amazing influx of artists from various venues that came in to check out the store. I love talking to people about what they are doing or buying. Purchase by purchase I became acquainted with so many talented artists of many different walks of life that it occurred me to do another show with just the people who were drifting into the store. Then after doing the show… came the idea of going out and seeing who is out there playing in the community. Now we are constantly hunting for live performances that are of interest to the community. Less talk…. more focus on the Artists talents. It has become the highlight of our life because you never know where we are going to be and we always need to be open to what’s being thrown at us!

Recovery From Religion ~ where we learn to live in the acceptance of our losses,  learn how to heal and become whole again.

As a Prayer Warrior I had been praying to do a show on Recovery. I’ve been in recovery for  19  years. It started 19 years ago when I had to recover from the death of my still born daughter. Then food, then alcohol & drugs, money, men and list is still growing. Since anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all 12 step programs, it didn’t allow too many open doors for guests. So God steered me in the direction of doing a show on Recovering from a damaged or broken relationship with HIM because of legalism, or because of the hurts the church causes, or the hypocrisy of Christianity. The Church is broken and so are its people -became my open line after my mission statement. Being a Christian for 13 years now, it grieves me to see how we are not upholding the works of Christ. We drive more Christians out of the Churches and keep non-believers away from the steps of church or worse, from wanting to be in an intimate relationship with God and his Son because of the direct result of our Christian behavior. It doesn’t add up. We are suppose to be the light of the world. After starting a Christian 12 step program ‘Celebrate Recovery’ with my husband, it became apparent the condition of the Body of Christ. The rate of sexual abuse, pornography, abortion, alcohol and drug abuse, codependency and enabling was as high (if not higher) than the secular world, a result of pride – when hiding a broken life in shame. Many Christians feel they can’t bring their brokenness to church because of the judgement that they feel is there. This has become a full time ministry for us. Reaching the broken Christians and restoring the Body of Christ while trying to reach the non-believers. Two of my shows have been launched nationally.

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